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Get yourself and your suppliers certified and exchange credits in the food sector all in one place. 

Easy benchmarking

Save time & money

Reduce Risks

Benchmarks in real time

Track your suppliers and get insights

Recommendations for your carbon credits strategy - get future ready!

Access to a carbon credits marketplace

See all your supplier in one place

Keep your data safe and secure

For suppliers of
the food sector

Simple software platform
to certify and sell carbon credits

Net Zero in your supply chain 

Get certified



Work with us and see how we can help you with quick and deep insights for benchmarking in the food system, CO2 footprint and quick wins through our ROI calculations. 


Participate to cool down the planet

Join the movement with all your suppliers, discover the true costs and get the job done. Collaboration and speed are key to healing the broken food system.


Get certified

We will help you to integrate, measure, automate and certify - all in a one stop shop.

Join us to heal the

broken food system

Key Services

Carbon Emission

You think, you have no idea how to access the carbon market? We made it super easy for you. Contact us to see what is possible for your company or organisation.

Auditing &

Big or small amounts of carbon credits - all are helping us in the food sector to avoid and remove 1 giga ton of CO2. Be proud to participate and get your Carbon Credits.

Buy & Sell
Carbon Credits

We stand for transparency and so can you. Privacy and security are going with it at the same time. 

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